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There is an internal investigation tonight into how two Dorchester county Sheriff's deputies handled a recent call in which they had to subdue a man.

 According to the police report,  just after 8 pm Saturday, a neighbor called deputies to say she could hear a woman screaming at a home in Harleyville.
 Two Dorchester County deputies went to the door and a man, Bradley Marchant, opened the blinds next to the door before shutting them. When asked to come to the door, the man said "No" before closing the blinds and turning off the lights.
 The garage door started to open, and the man came outside holding and swinging the knife in an "aggressive agitated manner."
 Officers subdued 45-year-old Bradley Marchant, who fell into the glass door in the process.

 Bradley’s family says he has medical conditions that give him the mind of a child.

“We always told Bradley, don't open the door for nobody. Because he's handicapped and you don't know whose coming around every night and every day,” says Herman Marchant, Bradley’s father.

 Herman Marchant says that's why his son Bradley wouldn't listen when deputies knocked on the door of his house.
“They done beat him. And handcuffed sitting out there in the cold-- no shoes on and bedclothes. He's just shaken and I told [the police] to get off my property,” says Herman.

 Herman says the way officers handled the case is wrong.
 Dorchester County Sheriff L.C. Knight says the knife is what pushed his deputies into action.

“He came out with a knife. Officers tried to talk him into listening to them. He wouldn't listen. They had to carry him to the ground and when they carried him to the ground-- naturally anybody is going to get bruised that you have to tussle with. Again, we're sorry about his bruises. It's one of those unfortunate things. But, when my officers are there on a legitimate call, they got to take control of the situation. When an individual faces you with a knife, you have no other alternative other than to take control of the situation. Which they did,” says Sheriff Knight.

No screaming woman was found and nobody was charged in this case.
An internal investigation has been launched into this case. 

The Marchant family says they plan on talking to an attorney about this incident.
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