"Some of our regular customers were in here, had been in here for awhile," store manager Stan Foxworthy said. "Third joined them that knew them then a number of others had followed that person here. Words were exchanged, not sure what words, fists started flying."

Foxworthy said the argument escalated quickly inside so he immediately called 911.

Other employees said they sensed things were getting worse as the fight moved outside and some took cover.

"Next thing you know we were hearing 6-12 shots going off," Foxworthy said.

That's when officials said 41-year-old Maurice Horry of Columbia died on the scene, and 36-year-old Theodore Waymyers from Summerville and 39-year-old Carlos Davis from Columbia died on their way to the hospital. A fourth was treated with non-life threatening injuries.

"I wasn't able to take a really close look at that, we had motorcycles in the way. I was more worried about watching people with guns than what was going on on the ground... apparently we had a couple of bystanders trying to assist with CPR and helping people who were shot," Foxworthy said.

Police arrested 43-year-old Ronald Reid for murder and 32-year-old Barry Stinson for lynching by mob, second degree.

"It's very sad. Our hearts go out to our customers and their families who were caught in this stupid, senseless act," Foxworthy said.