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GREENVILLE, S.C. - Greenville Police were called to the scene of an officer involved shooting at the Pep Boys on Laurens Road around 12:30 pm Saturday.

Officer Jonathan Bragg said that police were responding to a robbery of a person on a bicycle. Bystanders told police they saw the suspect knocked a guy off his bicycle and attempted to rob him. Some of the witnesses intervened and chased the suspect across the road toward Pep Boys.

Police arrived on scene and confronted the suspect, who had entered the Pep Boys on Laurens Road.  The suspect had entered the Pep Boys and took an employee at knife point, holding a knife to their throat. It was unsure what the suspect was demanding.
An officer had entered Pep Boys and confronted the suspect. The employee was able to get free and the officer fired at the suspect, striking him. Officer Bragg said the suspect had knives in his hands.

The officer had felt threatened for his life and the lives of the employees.

Both victims were not seriously injured according to officers.

SLED is investigating the incident and the officer will be placed on administrative duty, per protocol.

The suspect was taken to the hospital.

Photo Credit: Carl Ballou Shutterstock