From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has scheduled a public information meeting Thursday, Nov. 21, in Charleston County concerning the proposed Riverland Drive and Camp Road intersection improvement.

According to the DOT, the intersection has a high rate of car wrecks. The proposed project is intended to improve safety at the intersection.

According to the Charleston Police Department, there have been 14 accidents in the last two years.

Some of the residents in the area are not happy.

According to Wayne Andrus, the roundabout would be too large and would diminish the quality of life for those living in the neighbor nearby.

"This is something entirely appropriate for our area," he said. "We agree something can be done to improve the traffic and the safety but not a roundabout and not to impact people's private lives."

The DOT is in the preliminary design phase of the project which includes environmental assessment. Right of way acquisition is expected to begin in the spring with construction next winter.

The meeting will be from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., at Fort Johnson Middle School cafeteria, 1825 Camp Road, Charleston. A brief formal presentation regarding the proposed project will be conducted at 5:30 pm. The remainder of the meeting will be informal, with concept plans and other information displayed for viewing. Informal written and verbal comments will be collected during the meeting.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.