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A small community in Hollywood has a big reason to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Byron Maxwell will be starting in the big game as a Cornerback for the Seahawks. Maxwell grew up in the Petersfield community. He graduated from Fort Dorchester and went on to start as a redshirt freshman at Clemson.

Maxwell got his start just a few weeks ago and has been considered a rising star of the team.

"For us, this is something that we can't even describe as far as our feelings are concerned," Tommy Bowens said.

Bowens' son and Maxwell grew up together. He said that football has always been in Maxwell's life. From the small fields of Petersfield to the large field at Metlife Stadium, passion has always been in his blood.

"[One day], Byron was in the yard with me and my son, and we were playing some football," Bowens remembered. "Every time if things didn't work out the way he wanted them to, the compassion he had, he would just sit there and cry."

Maxwell's Aunt said many of his family members are in New Jersey for the game. Aside from being a star on the field, she said he has been a star in their family.

"We are very excited for Byron's blessing; how God has shown up in his life" Clarice Brown said. "He is so deserving of this opportunity."

Others are hoping the young members of the community see what can happen if they stay focused on their dreams.

"If Seahawks, 41 Byron Maxwell can do it, surely others can as well because he grew up here," Gertie Smalls-Ford said. "It shows the world what Petersfield holds."

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.