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 Elder James Johnson from the Tri-County National Action Network has been on the frontline of the gun violence in the area, this weekend his family didn’t escape from the problems plaguing North Charleston.

“My grandson might be dead but that does not stop me from trying to stop the killings,” Johnson said.

“My family is not immune to the crime that is in the community when you've got drugs and guns in the community everybody is at risk. The black community people are prisoners in their own community and something has to be done about it."

His grandson, Terrence McNeil is from North Charleston but was killed in Hanahan.

Early Friday morning McNeil was shot several times on Recess Road. His car plowed into a resident’s garage. The coroner pronounced the 19-year-old at the scene from gunshot wounds to his head.

“We have to deal with this retaliation and i think it's basically a lot to do with gangs. You know you kill somebody that is in my gang and on my street and we're going to retaliate and kill somebody that's in your gang,” Johnson said.

Even while helping prepare for a funeral, Johnson says he is working to stop the gun violence. So far this year there have been approximately 32 shootings in North Charleston, according to numbers provided by the North Charleston Police Department.

“Before this week ends I'll just bring all the Mayors and the police chief of all the counties together to sit down at the table and see exactly what we can do to stop this retaliation. If we have to bring the FBI in so be it."

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