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   Hidden cameras are all too common when it comes to pranks, especially when people want to capture their creative April Fool's Day jokes.

 So, it's no surprise some members of the women's College of Charleston swim team took advantage of their go-pro camera on Monday, when they pranked their head coach.

 "A bunch of the seniors were talking about it for a couple of years, they wanted to prank Bora, because he always does little stuff to us in practice," says rising senior Sarah Graif.

 The swimmers hid tempo-trainers in the coach's office, a device that keeps track of strokes or laps, but also makes a very loud beeping noise.

 "We placed them all over, in the ceiling filing cabinets," says rising senior Jayme Groth.

 Interim Head Coach, Bora Yatagan says it took him 15 to 20 minutes to find all of the timers that were hidden. He says there was even one beeping Tuesday morning when he came into work.

 Though it was tedious for Coach Yatagan to find all of the timers, he says the prank shows the spirit of the cougar swim team, "it shows we have a good friendship here, good relationship between athletes and coaches so I think it was fun."

 It may be fun for now, but the team may want to watch out. Yatagan says he is planning a prank to get them back, "I have to get them back but I don't know when it will happen but it will happen."

You can check out the full prank the swimmers pulled on the coach here:

Photo Credit:John Wollwerth Shutterstock