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Since our reports began about the Charleston firefighters plan to take legal action against the city for inadequate pay, Fire Chief Karen Brack announced they will implement a new pay plan.

"We welcome all decisions by the city to actually pay them time and a half. We think that's a very good development," Attorney Ben Le Clercq said. Le Clercq spoke to News 2 Saturday after filing a lawsuit, which demands the firefighters be paid time and a half, and states they should be compensated for overtime pay lost, attorneys' fees, and interest.

"What our complaint alleges is that the city should be paying firefighters time and a half for overtime compensation. They're not currently doing that, they're using something called the fluctuating work week and the reason they use the fluctuating work week is because it allows the city to pay less than time and a half which is normal overtime compensation," Le Clercq said.

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News 2 obtained the official documents right after they were filed and learned another complaint is that recruits can and have worked up to 104 hours without being paid for more than 80 of those.

"Given the danger of what they do, given that they give their lives occasionally in the line of duty," Le Clercq said. "They have to be paid every cent that they're due."

The city has previously stated that they do not comment on pending litigation.

They have thirty days to file paperwork in response to this lawsuit.

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