Maximum sustained winds remain near 50 MPH.  Surface observations indicate the strongest winds are well to the north or northeast of the center of Chantal.  The core of the tropical storm is still struggling to organize, and dissipation could occur as the storm interacts with the Lesser Antilles today or some of the larger islands in the Caribbean late tomorrow.

Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect for much of the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico. Tropical Storm Watches are in effect for Hispanola.  The official forecast track from the National Hurricane Center takes the center of Chantal over Hispanola Wednesday into Thursday.  On this track, the storm may not survive its interaction with the mountainous island.  Due to this, there is an unusually high amount of uncertainty in regards to the intensity forecast past Thursday. 

If the circulation survives its interaction with the islands in the Caribbean, conditions will become favorable for intensification over the Bahamas by Friday.

The southeastern United States should monitor the progress of this storm. Stay tuned for updates.

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Image courtesy of WCBD-TV