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“I could see where the public would be very upset to offer her a severance package that includes $70,000 worth of pay. The issue is that we don't really know what her contract for employment stated,” Stephan Futeral, a local attorney said.

Recently News 2 reported about CARTA’s ex-director, Christine Wilkinson, who resigned in June after Charleston Police arrested her and charged her with disorderly conduct. Along with her $70,000 severance pay she received $4,500 toward health insurance premiums.

On Thursday CARTA explained their decision saying it was ‘fiscally responsible” because letting her go or placing her on leave without pay would have cost tax-payer much more.

"Earlier this year, a longtime CARTA employee resigned a leadership position with the authority. Because of the timing of ongoing legal proceedings involving this individual, it was a prudent and fiscally responsible business decision for CARTA – and ultimately taxpayers – to reach the agreed upon severance. “

According to Futeral, that may have very well been the case. CARTA may have wanted to let her go without pay but there is a strong possibility that CARTA had to do something to avoid a possible lawsuit.

“We're going to talk about the economics of the case, because sometimes proving you are right, for example if CARTA decided to let her go and she sued CARTA for that they could have spent an excess of that amount of money for that defending the decision they made without any hopes of ever recovering any of the attorney's fees they spent in doing that,” Futeral said.

Wilkinson is challenging the charge. Her jury trial date has not been set.

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