Former school board member Terry Hardesty is one of three people who filed the suit.

Hardesty tells News 2 their constitutional rights were violated at school board meetings. Earlier this month, School Board Chairman Dr. Kent Murray told Hardesty he would not be allowed to address the board with his thoughts on the SLED investigation into the school district's handling of the YES For Schools Campaign to support the school bond referendum in November. Hardesty wanted to address the issue during public comment time.

Hardesty told News 2 earlier this month he did not want to file suit, but all options were on the table.

At a later meeting, Hardesty says Murray allowed comment on the subject, but he told the public that they were, "personally responsible" for what they say.  

Hardesty is joined in the lawsuit by Linda Riney and Nancy Corbin. Hardesty says he believes Murray has been served with the lawsuit.