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Two months to the day after its launch, President Barack Obama's administration said they have made critical fixes to

The website has been plagued with problems since it was launched on October 1. Many around the country said they couldn't create an account to begin searching the marketplace.

One of those people was Amy Lustig, who works in the Lowcountry as a nanny. The Affordable Care Act was her last chance to become insured. She has a pre-existing condition with her knee that led all of the insurance companies she contacted to deny her coverage.

Lustig said the website was her last chance to get insured for the first time in five years. When she tried to create an account, however, she was unable to do so.

On Sunday, Lustig was able to create that account for the first time and begin searching for healthcare options.

"I was just perpetually annoyed, and I had to assume that they would get their act together and fix the website, which they should have done when they first launched it," Lustig said.

She is now using the marketplace to compare options for her healthcare plan. She said she has to pay close attention to deductibles and out-of-pocket costs since her knee requires multiple MRIs and many sessions of physical therapy.

"It's easier to compare and contrast the different plans when you have them spread out on a screen in front of you instead of having to shuffle through papers," she said.

White House officials said the fixes to will allow up to 50,000 visitors on the site at a time and close to 800,000 everyday.

Lustig has not purchased a plan yet as she continues to research which plan best suits her.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.